How to Become Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm – New Method

As you already know about Paytm Merchant offer from which you can earn paytm cash worth Rs 10 for accepting fee, so lots of you don’t realize a way to come to be Paytm merchant to accept Paytm, so in this put up we offer you all info to grow to be Paytm service providergreat benefit for turning into Paytm merchant is that you could transfer your money to bank without any charges.

Become Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm

Its extremely easy to accept Paytm. There is zero setup fee, zero annual fee and no hardware worried. The exceptional element is, you can pass live right away. The Paytm QR Code helps you to take delivery of digital payments from truly every body with the Paytm app. if you want to simply accept fast and easy payments follow below steps to Become Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm

How to Become Paytm Merchant – New Method

Its extremely easy to accept Paytm. There is zero setup fee, zero annual rate and no hardware worried. The pleasant element is, you could cross live instantly. The Paytm QR Code lets youaccept digital bills from sincerely all people with the Paytm app. if you need to accept fast and easy payments follow below steps to Become Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm.

  • Customer can pay you by scanning QR code from Paytm App
  • You can receive upto Rs. 50,000 per month using this QR code
  • Payment received will be settled to your Bank account on the next date
  • ?HelpLine No –0120-33663377

Steps to Become Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm

1) first Of All, Click Here For Offer Page

2) Now Click On “Get Started For Free” As Shown In Below Image.

2) Login Or Sign Up Your Paytm Account. 

3) Choose you want to apply for our online payment solutions for the “start accepting Paytm in your retail store”

4) Now Fill up online form Like “Adhaar details / PAN details” and click on ‘Next’.

5) Now Give Your Proper Address  & Fill Your bank account details In which You want to transfer money.

6) Paytm will offer you a Paytm sticker INSTANTLY that you can download and/or print and stick in your store.

7) That’s It Now Scan and Send Money From Paytm Easily & On The Next Day it will be automatically transfer To Your Bank Account.

Note – PayTm Business Account Has No Connection With PayTm Wallet 


How to Check Payment after you have Become Paytm Merchant

Above method is for every merchant across India can now self-declare himself or herself as a service provider and take delivery of up to Rs. 50,000 immediately in their financial institutionaccount.

underneath method is for the ones who’ve huge enterprise and need some paperwork to emerge as Paytm Merchant to accept Paytm.

How to Become Paytm Merchant – 2nd Method

1. Visit here

2. Choose whether you want to apply for our online payment solutions for the app or web, or start accepting Paytm in your retail store.

3. In case you want to accept Paytm in your shop, click on ‘Get your Paytm QR Code’ and sign up for your free Paytm account.

4. Fill up online form and click on ‘Next’.

5. Paytm will offer you a Paytm sticker INSTANTLY that you can download and/or print and stick in your store.

6. That’s it, Now Start Accepting Paytm Cash for your Store.

Terms and Condition for Small and Medium Merchants

Most small merchants struggle with the hassles of dealing in loose change. Not to say the dangers of robbery and loss. Paytm’s cashless bills can touch absolutely everyone, from a Kirana shop in a big cityto a paper shipping boy in a small metropolis to a farmer in a much-away tehsil. Any KYC-enabled user has access to the following:

1. INR 1 Lakh limit: Minimum-KYC merchants is entitled to have up to INR 20k as

as wallet stability and the KYC-enabled Paytm wallet helps you to save as much as INR 1 lakh at any time.


2. Linked to personal Paytm Account: The Paytm Sticker on your store-front is related in your non-public Paytm account. This helps you maintain a tab of payments easily.

3. No transaction fee: Accept and send unlimited Paytm payments for free. you could additionally transfer up to INR 25k in your financial institution account every month. according to the today’s RBI hints, self-declared traders can transfer as much as Rs. 50,000 at once in their bank account.

Terms and Condition for Registered Businesses:

Businesses can enable the Paytm Wallet at their retail outlets to allow brief and easy payments. It reduces queues at payment counters while making it easier to song each transaction. Our feepowerful answers are geared to assist businesses serve customers better.

1. Unlimited Transfers: There are no limits to how lots you may transfer for your financial institution account.

2. Straight to your Bank Account: Perfect if your employees insist on bank statements. You are always welcome to use Paytm.

So these are some details to become Paytm Merchant to Accept Payments for your Stores.

How to Become Paytm Merchant Faqs

Q. Does Paytm allows money transfer to Bank?
A. Yes, as a merchant, you can take payments received in your bank account as per limits prescribed by the RBI.

Q. What are the bank transfer limits?
A. With a basic Paytm Wallet, you can transfer Rs.20,000 per month for your financial institution account. in case you upgrade to a “Self Declared merchant”, you could boom this restrictto  Rs.50,000 a month.

Q. Why are these limits imposed?
A. These limits are defined by the RBI and as an RBI approved wallet, we abide by their regulations.

Q. What are the various fees involved?
A. Currently, we charge 0% fee to transfer money to bank till 31st December 2017. howeveras soon as the Paytm bills bank is launchedit will usually remain 0if you flow money to that account

Q. Why are these fees imposed?
A. Paytm incurs cost when the money is added to the wallet. We do not charge that cost to our users. When you buy something within Paytm, then also no fees are charged to you. butwhile cash is taken out of our gadget to a bank account, we ought to recover the cost we incurred on the time of adding budget. We inspire you to spend cash within Paytm to continue to use it for free.