Stop Browser Prompts

Annoying Browser Prompts Asking Your Location

Stop those annoying browser prompts every time a website wants to show you notifications or know your location, you can turn the messages off forever with a few clicks in browser. Scroll down browser and where to locate the appropriate settings in Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari (desktop and IOS).

Chrome : Dropdown menu, select Settings > Advanced (scroll down) > Content settings. From Chrome’s content settings you can click into ‘Location’ and ‘Notifications’ separately to disable each. This will block the pop-ups forever while also preventing websites from knowing your location and sending you notifications.

Chrome (Android) : The same settings exist on the mobile version of Chrome found in Android devices. If one of your favorite websites annoys you with these kind of prompts, you can always disable them on a per-site basis. From the Chrome menu button on the top right corner, select Settings. Under Settings, scroll down to Advanced > Site settings. There you will find discrete settings for both Location and Notifications, the default is set to “Ask first,” you can set those to “Block” which will stop sites to prompt you for either.

Mirefox : In the address bar type “about:config” and hit Enter. Accept the risk when prompted. Double-clicking on each entry will set their values to false, which is what you want to do if you’re trying to disable the pop-ups.

Opera : From the dropdown menu, select Settings and then go to the Websites tab. Location and notification prompts are both listed halfway through the website section of Opera’s menu settings — set both of them to “do not allow…”.