Know how to find lost Android Xiomi Redmi phone by Mi cloud

If you lost your Xiaomi phone which is associated with your Xiaomi account, then find Device feature in MI Cloud can help you locate your phone and keep your data safe.

Losing your any Redmi phone like very painfull thing happened to your life ,most peoples lost their device easily like while traveling,hiking or going anywhere so if you wants to fund you finally lose your mobile phone you are lucky if below methods works for finding device i have included very simple androids many mobile owners don’t know about.

Just imagine that you got yourself a brand new Xiaomi smartphone and took it with you in your daily life. But one day, you found that you lost your phone somewhere. Everyone knows the feeling of losing something, when the thing is your smart android phone, it becomes much more worrying. At that moment MI Cloud will do some help for you.

How to Find Lost android MI :-

To find your lost device location you will need to first login here

Now login with your mi account that you have created when buyed  your phone.
After login click on find device option that is clearly seen in the last menu.

After that many options comes tab on locate device . Their are some listed menu like:-

  • Location
  • Lost mode 
  • Wipe device

By using location you can easily locate your device location for the lost device ,also even show you exact location for the lost device and find by this option. Noise mode you can use if you think your phone is nearby you ,it create full sound noise by that anyone can locate where is your lost device.

Wipe device function is something easy method to factory data reset device it will clear/wipe all of your data like phone storage,contacts ,apps etc. Lost mode can be used for that you must have to enable this option from setting in phone ,always on this option for future safety.
This function is used for information about sim card replacement ,it will send you information about phone when sim card is replaced.

From these methods you can find your device by mi cloud.
To enable some important settings like find device go to your phone setting ,click on mi account >Mi cloud > Turn on Find device and other feature for future location of your device if you loose it.

Xiaomi offers this user-friendly function for all people with MI account. You can get all your data back on a new Xiaomi phone.